How do you start a new comedy writing or creative project?


Hope you have all been enjoying the hot weather. Is anyone else feeling like you have to make the most of it? And, 'making the most of it' is sitting in the direct sun until it gets uncomfortable. Anyone? Just me then. I managed to burn one arm the other week. Just one arm. Could not have done that on purpose if I'd tried to. 

I'm fresh back from doing my comedy show at Brighton Fringe. I'll save that for another blog post. Since being back in the North I've been reviewing some of the feedback from the comedy workshops and have made a list of some of the things people say are helpful, want to know more about and what they works for them.  I've also been looking at my own practice of starting something new. I have decided to share my feedback and secrets in a ten step ebook. 

If you're starting out on any new project it can be daunting so my free ebook has some of the first steps to bring your project to life. 

Ready to get your copy? Click the button below. It's that simple.

Hope you enjoy. Let me know in the comments below what you think.